FIFA 2021: Loot Boxes or Black Boxes considered not? In football video games the use of loot boxes in video games such as FIFA has raised some controversy. Some people believe that using these boxes to gain extra life points in video games like FIFA is gambling. Many would say that it is an in-game currency similar to the currency used in World of Warcraft, or other online games where players trade or sell their virtual currency for real-life money.

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Others argue that by creating a video game currency such as FIFA 2110 gamers are giving something of value to the world game. It’s like video games like Call of Duty and Halo where you can level up your character and get more upgrades for your gun. By doing this you feel more powerful and like you have really made an impact on the real world. This sense of power can be very addictive, which is why many gamers are now beginning to consider loot in video games as a form of gambling.

Many FIFA fans are now complaining that the newest installment of the game has hidden items within the game that gives players extra life points when they are picked up. The question is if players will pick up the crates without actually knowing what they contain. Many have said that it’s not a big deal that the game now has this system because it’s not like they’re going to steal the world championship trophy or anything. So will FIFA 2110 be considered gambling? Only time will tell and hopefully we won’t see too many complaints from either side of this debate.