Having BMUSC membership is a great way to be connected with the club even when living on the other side of the globe. Each year we put the call out for people to either join up or renew their membership and this goes a long way to ensuring that BMUSC remains as an officially recognised supporters club and means we can continue to put on events and offers for our members.

We have simplified the membership process this year so to become a member simply:

  • Follow the link below to below and sign up as a one united member.
  • When you recieve your one united membership number send it to us at and we will add you to our club database.
  • Send $10 to the bmusc account (details in comments) and that’s it!

You will have 2 choices for membership, “Lite” and “Full”.

Both have the exact same benefits in and both memberships will provide you with an official membership card which is used as your ticket for any game you go to, the only difference being the full membership gets you a membership pack from United (details in the link)

Membership is vitally important for the club, as our ticket allocation is defined by how many members we have, so sign up today and support your local supporters club.

If you have any questions in relation to membership you can contact us via e-mail or via our Facebook page.