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Where do BMUSC members meet for games?

How do I become a member and how much is it?

Why don’t BMUSC have a cheaper membership option that doesn’t include the One United membership?

Where do BMUSC members meet for games?

You will find BMUSC members out and about for pretty much every game of the season, regardless of the time or opposition. The usual meeting place is Pig N Whistle Riverside on Eagle Street. However, for early morning kick off times we will sometimes be down at Pig N Whistle Queen Street Mall.

One of our board members will put up a post on Facebook before each game letting members and other Manchester United supporters across Brisbane know where we will be.

How do I become a member and how much is it?

We have simplified the membership process this year so to become a member simply:

  • Follow the link below to below and sign up as a one united member.
  • When you recieve your one united membership number send it to us at and we will add you to our club database.
  • Send $10 to the bmusc account (details in comments) and that’s it!

Why don’t BMUSC have a cheaper membership option that doesn’t include the One United membership?

The question of whether we should have a cheaper membership option available that does not include One United membership is one that the Board has struggled with on several occasions.

On the one hand, we understand that our members and supporters all have different personal and financial situations. And, while they want to continue to support the club, the full membership fee may present a difficulty.

On the other, the Club can only maintain its status with Manchester United as an official supporters club if at least 50 full members sign up each year. This official status provides many benefits to the club and its members including administrative support, promotion via Manchester United and, of course, the ticket allocation to games.

The allocation of tickets to home games at Old Trafford is one of the biggest benefits of being an official supporters club. This is a fantastic opportunity for members to ensure they can get tickets, and can get them at face value, for trips over to Manchester. Our ticket allocation is directly linked to the number of full paid members the club has, which means that without a strong membership base we will have to turn down ticket applications, or could potentially lose our allocation all together.

Given this, the club has decided offering a membership option without a One United membership (other than where the individual has obtained their One United membership themselves) may not be in the best interests of the club or its members. We feel offering this option could result in members who are not looking for tickets throughout the season to opt for a reduced membership, which could result in the club losing its Official Supporters Club status.

Instead, we are always looking for options to provide members with better value for money on membership. This included the introduction of BMUSC merchandise packs, arrangement for bar tabs throughout the season, organisation of regular events, and members’ only competitions.

We are also always looking to expand our ‘members benefits’ scheme which brings on-board local businesses to offer discounts and special offers to members in exchange for advertising and promotion through our website and social media channels.

Much of this wouldn’t be possible without the regular donations of many members, on top of their membership fee, and the support of our sponsors such as Pig N Whistle Riverside, Veto Sports and Australian Flag Makers.

We are also always open to new ideas from members on how we can continue to improve the club and the value for money of our membership.

Finally, we will continue to provide as much notice as we can of upcoming membership renewals each year to allow those looking to join or renew the opportunity to consider their financial situation prior to the start of the new season.