Manchester United Australian Tour 2019

When and where will United be playing as part of the tour?

United will be playing in two matches as part of this tour. Firstly, the Reds will be taking on Perth Glory on Saturday 13th July followed by a match against Leeds United on Wednesday 17th July.

Both matches will be held at Optus Stadium in Perth.

How can I get tickets to either of the matches?

BMUSC have been working dilligently with other United Supporters Clubs across the country to try and secure an allocation of seats together in order to create the best possible atmosphere for both matches. This has not been finalised as of yet and may require the club to secure a bulk allocation of tickets up front which can then be purchased by members.

Please note – any tickets secured by BMUSC will offered to existing members as a priority before being made available more widely.

Individuals can also choose to secure tickets directly through Optus Stadium. You can follow this link for more details.

How do I become a BMUSC member?

While we always encourage people to sign up with us directly, we have now stopped taking direct applications through our website for this season. Don’t worry though, should you still wish to become a BMUSC member, simply register for membership through the official Manchester United website (there are a number of different membership options you can choose from) and simply get in touch and let us know your allocated memberhsip number – simple! 

Will there be exclusive events for supporters clubs and an opportunity to meet the players?

We are working hard with the other supporters clubs across Australia to arrange a number of specific events and these will be communicated more widely once we have a firmer idea of numbers and availability.

There are also a number of additional events being co-ordinated by Optus Stadium. You can find out more about these by following this link.