BMUSC Competitions


Here at BMUSC we run a number of competitions and events throughout the season for the benefit of supporters.


This season we are running two separate competitions which you can be invovled in:


1. Last man standing ($20 entry fee) – starting at round 1 of the Premier League season, you pick a team each week to win. You cannot pick the same team twice and if your team doesn’t win then you are eliminated. As the name suggests Last Man (or Woman) standing wins. All participants will be added to the BMUSC Last Man Standing Facebook group where you can also find all of the competition rules.


LMS Round 1 – congratulations to Tim McGuinness who walked away with $300 after taking out the first round of LMS!.


2. Fantasy Football ($20 entry fee) – take a 100 million pound budget and build a squad to compete in Fantasy Football for the 2017/18 Premier League season! BMUSC has a private league which we’ve established over the last couple of years and has seen some real competitive spirit among participants! All details and rules for Premier League Fantasy Football can be found at their website. (The league code is 1476093-352252).


Please use the links below to purchase your entry – you can also enter both competitions at once by selecting the combined entry option for $40. Please note – you must use the bank transfer option for payment to any of the below (in order to avoid card fees etc.)